Cloud Slam 09

SaaS-Cloud 2009. 5. 13. 18:25

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APRIL 20, 2009

Ivan Casanova: Cloud Computing for the Corporate DataCenter

PR111: Nati Shalom. Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Application on the Cloud
PR211: Michael Berman: Hey, You, Get Off Of My Cloud: Security in the Virtual Data Center

PR112: Carter George. The OTHER SaaS: Storage-as-a-Service
PR212: Mark Werrell. Cloud Computing in a down economy- Why On-Demand is changing the game.

Songnian Zhou: Clouds Moving Into the Enterprise

PR113: Rob Gingell: An Infrastructure Platform for Cloud Computing
PR213: Vijay Karamcheti. GreenCloud and the New Data Center Infrastructure for Cloud Services.
Panel Topic: Cloud & Adoption

PR114: Nimish Radia: Business Models and Needed Technologies for Cloud Computing
PR214: Bill Bryce and Ljubomir Buturovic: Case Study Using UniCloud and Amazon's EC2 for Research in the clouds.

PR115: Robert Grossman and Yunhong Gu: Sector: An Open Source Cloud for Data Intensive Computing
PR 215: Dain Ehring: A Financial Services Case Study: Converting to the Cloud One Module at a Time -- Implementing PaaS and SaaS Where Legacy Systems Once Ruled

PR116: Darren Platt. On Demand Identity for The Cloud.
PR216: Bob Quinn: Cloud Computing and On Demand IT: Enabling New Levels of Agility, Flexibility and Scalability

PR117: Francis Carden. Integrating Applications in the Cloud.

PR118: Krishnan Subramanian. The importance of Open Source in a SaaS based world.
PR218: Stephen Foskett. Cloud Storage Moves into the Spotlight


APRIL 21, 2009

PR217: William Fellows. The Sky's the Limit

David Bernstein: Secrets from the Vault – Cloud Building

PR121: Winston Bumpus: Open Standards and Cloud Interoperability.
PR221: Jonathan Bryce: Will Standardizing the Cloud Make it Secure or Stifle Innovation and Openness?

PR122: Janine Bowen, Stephen Sorett and Jason Silverman: Legal Issues in Cloud Computing
PR222: James Broberg: MetaCDN: Enabling High Performance, Low Cost Content Storage and Delivery via the Cloud

Russ Daniels: Understanding the Cloud

PR123: Ben Rushlo: How to deliver high-performing, highly-available Cloud applications
PR223: Peter Vogel: Building a Business in the Cloud.

PR124: Manfred Buchmann: Special Storage Infrastructure Learnings from Building Enterprise Cloud
PR224: Sudhrity Mondal: Automating Dev/Test environments using Internal Clouds and Virtualization – a Case Study

PR125: Steve Lesem:The Most Interesting Sub-plot in Cloud Computing is Cloud Storage.

PR225: Yaniv Romem: Databases in the Cloud
Panel Topic: Cloud Computing & Governance.

PR226: Mark Masterson. Enterprise Cloud Computing

PR227: Daniel Smith. Selling the cloud

PR128: Charles Studt: Voice in the Cloud – Keys to Making Voice and Media Work in the Cloud
PR228: Boris Zuckerman. Scalable storage in the cloud

PR129: Wei-Yu Chen and Jazz Wang. Building a Cloud Computing Analysis System for Intrusion Detection System


APRIL 22, 2009

Mark De Simone: The Dollars and Sense of Cloud Computing

Werner Vogels: Ahead in the Cloud - The Power of Infrastructure as a Service

PR131: Pankaj Malviya: Salvation in the Private Cloud - Platforms at your Service
PR231: Jon Pyke: Process Technology Delivers on Vision for Enterprise Cloud Orchestration Services

PR132:Ivan Casanova: Self Service Application Provisioning – A Developers View into the Cloud
PR232:Adam Swidler: Working In The Cloud: How Cloud Computing is Reshaping Enterprise Technology

Stephen Herrod: The Private Cloud: Enterprise-ready on and off premise.

PR133: Rod Boothby: Development: The Vanishing Enterprise
PR233: Robert Friedman: Jurisdiction
Panel Topic: Cloud & Economics

PR134: Aaron D. Hollobaugh: CloudNine - a cloud hosting platform.

PR135: Dr. Rao Mikkilineni: Cloud Computing through FCAPS Managed Services in a Virtualized Data Center

PR136: Rod Fontecilla and Vicky Chang: Cloud Computing: A Transition Methodology
PR236: Moshe Kaplan and Ayal Baron. The Pareto Illusion - Why we end up paying too much for cloud services and what can we do about it?

PR137: Dennis Moreau. Security, Compliance and Trust in Cloud: Coupling Issues
PR237: Patrick Lightbody: Parallelization and the Coming Testing Revolution

PR138: Fred Zappert. The Resin J2EE Application Server - what works for SalesForce can work for you.


APRIL 23, 2009

Hal Stern: What does cloud computing mean

PR141: Mike Maxey: Real World Cloud Storage Workloads
PR241: Jeff Kaplan: Making the Cloud Mainstream

PR142: Omer Trajman. Cloud Computing Meets Data Warehousing
PR242: Michael Crandell. Taking Advantage of a Multi-Cloud World: Issues, Opportunities, and Practical Advice

Maximilian Ahrens: Keeping an Open Cloud

PR143: John Janakiraman and Ian Knox: Cloud Adoption: Deploying Your Existing Applications to the Cloud
PR243: Stuart Charlton: License Management in the Cloud
Panel Topic: Cloud Computing & Economics.

PR144: Marc-Elian Bégin and Charles Loomis: SlipStream™: a Framework using Cloud Computing to Automate Full-scale System Tests and In-Cloud Deployment
PR244: Margaret Lewis. "The Silver Lining": Getting to the core of cloud computing.

PR145: Deepak Puri: How Virtualization Is Empowering The Next Generation of Cloud Based Offerings
PR245: Dave Malcolm. Private Clouds: Critical Considerations for Building Internal Clouds

PR146: Robert Grossman: Open Cloud Consortium
PR246: Omer Trajman. Securing your Data in the Cloud

PR147: Sam Charrington. Cloud Platforms and the ‘Toughest 80%’: Application Management.
PR247: Jinesh Varia. High Performance Compute Cloud

PR148: Geoffrey Fox. Science Clouds and Campus Clouds.
PR248: Alex Barnett. The Small Business Data Cloud.

APRIL 24, 2009

PR254: Simon Crosby: Bridging the Gap Between Enterprise IT and the Cloud

PR151: Jake Sorofman: Cloud Computing Adoption Model
PR 251: Frank Gillett: Determining the right pricing models for a cloud-based service

PR152: Michael Ryan: Moving Financial Grids into the Clouds?
PR252: Shahzad Pervez: Application-centric management of resources on the cloud

Jayshree Ullal: A Novel Approach to Cloud Networking

PR153: Chander Kant and Paddy Sreenivasan: Backup to Cloud: Our Experiences So Far
PR253: Raimund Genes: How Cloud Computing helps to solve the malware challenge.
Panel Topic: Cloud Computing & Storage

PR154: Jeanne Morain: Universal Clients - enabling cloud computing for the Desktop - virtual evolution
PR254: Michael West: Blue Skies: The Air Clears on Cloud Computing and SaaS

PR155: Philippe Nicolas: Massively Scalable Cloud & File Storage
PR255: Srini Chari. Confronting the Data Center Crisis: A Cost - Benefit Analysis of the IBM Computing on Demand (CoD) Cloud Offering

PR156: Jeff Fisher: Cloud-hosted Desktops: The Smart, Low-Risk Way to Enter the Cloud
PR256: David Bernstein: Cloud Interoperability at Internet Scale

PR157: Neil Cohen. Optimizing the Cloud for Enterprise Class Cloud Computing
PR257:Simon Peel. Getting the Most out of SaaS with Integration as a Service.

PR158: Matt Holleran. Emerging opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs, offered by the platform-as-a-service trend.


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